Why Paden Ortho is Right for You

Dr. Paden spent the effort to complete a two-year residency in the Nation's #1 Orthodontic Residency, UCSF Medical Center Department of Growth and Development, after completing dental school. A dentist does not have to be trained in orthodontics to actually treat patients with orthodontics, but does that seem like a good idea?

Braces_Girl_6.jpgDr. Paden is a firm believer in modern innovative orthodontics. By designing an early treatment appliance using information acquired through his residency, his father's techniques and association with senior orthodontists, he has been able to use a combination of orthopedic and orthodontic techniques in younger patients, as well as adult patients, with maximum comfort. He is continually researching state-of-the-art orthodontic advancements, which include considerable amounts of experience with Invisalign®, ClearCorrect™, Essix aligners and advanced 3D radiography. It is very important to note that when providing "Invisalign" or aligner-type treatment, Dr. Paden is your orthodontist and provides the guidance for Invisalign, not "Invisalign Assist" where so many dentists (new to orthodontics) use a "technician" in Costa Rica to design your treatment.

Paden Orthodontics has once again been received a "Best of Brentwood" award in 2014 and previously won "Best Orthodontist in the Bay Area" by Parent Press. There is a lot to learn when you are considering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your children. Before making a decision, please call for a consultation. It will not be time wasted, and it is free!